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TEENIE Knot Genie Detangling Hair Brush

TEENIE Knot Genie Detangling Hair Brush
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TEENIE Knot Genie Detangling Hair BrushTEENIE Knot Genie Detangling Hair Brush
Item# knot-genie-detangling-hair-brush
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Product Description

We loved the Knot Genie and now we LOVE the Teenie Genie even more. At 1/3 of the size smaller than the original Knot Genie it's easier for our kids to hold the Knot Genie themselves. As parents of 3 children with crazy, curly and wavy hair, we LOVE the Knot Genie and here's WHY:

How the Knot Genie Works

The Knot Genie™ differs from regular brushes with different lengths of teeth on the brush. When brushing your childrens' hair the teeth on the knot genie bend just right, to gently untangle the hair and because of this lack of stress, the hair's cuticle stays unharmed which in turn reveals the smoothest, shiniest hair you've ever seen.

Ease of Use

The Knot Genie handles like a dream. The unique cloud-shaped top fits in your palm perfectly and does not matter if you are left or right handed. This shape gives you the feel that the Knot Genie is more like an extension of your hand, allowing for a more quick, comfortable and gentle brushing experience.

Tips and Tricks

Curly Hair

Everybody Wants It (unless they have it) Here are a few tips to make your curly hair the kind people rave about:

- Never brush curly hair when it is dry! Brushing dry curly hair disrupts the curl pattern, making it large and frizzy. Use the Knot Genie to brush curly hair only when it is wet.

- If you love that tight "springy" look, brush your hair in the shower or bath with the Knot Genie and then simply squeeze in styling product afterwards, being careful not to re-stretch the curls.

- At night, pull your hair into a loose pony tail. Pulling the curls up or back helps contain the curls so you are not tossing them around all night.

- Consider long hair. While many people think curly, hard-to-manage hair should be cut short, often that leads to a "mushroom" look. Extra weight pulls curls down and makes them gorgeous, especially when cut with long layers.


Getting Gorgeous Waves Not curly, not straight, but definitely gorgeous.

- Wavy, thick hair is often as challenging as thick curly hair, so make sure to brush with your Knot Genie one section at a time, and start from the bottom of each section and work your way up.

- Adding some long layers to the hair often turns waves into unbelievable loose curls that many people love. Check with your stylist to see if this type of a style would work for you.

- Try sleeping in several braids and the brushing out with your fingers or your Knot Genie in the morning. The results can be downright magical.

- Be sure to trim your hair on a regular basis to avoid having your waves turn frizzy. Aim for about 1/2 inch every 10-12 weeks.

- Kids with longer, wavy or curly hair look amazing in the "1/2 up, 1/2 down" look, where you pull everything above the ears into a ponytail and leave the rest hanging long. It's comfortable, practical and stylish.

Straight Hair

Talking Straight (Hair) Here are a few tips for straight, silky hair:

- A bit of leave-in conditioner is awesome post-washing for straight hair as it prevents fly-a-ways and keeps styled hair smooth

- Stay away from gels which contains alcohol as they can dry out hair. If you flat-iron (more on that later), pick a product made for heat styling.

- Thick, straight hair should be brushed with your Knot Genie, one section at a time, until it's free of knots. Make sure to start at the bottom of each section where hair is the knottiest. Once all the sections are done, just brush all around to finish.

- After drying with hot air, you can freeze in that gorgeous straightness with a shot of cold air from your hair dryer. Cold air actually helps removes "humidity" and helps the style set.

- As a final step to glorious, straight hair, rub a small amount of thick gloss serum between your palms and smooth over the surface of your hair. Brush through your hair with The Knot Genie one last time. If weather conditions are humid or rainy, or if static is an issue, add a quick shot of hairspray.

- A final note... (you flat iron addicts aren't off the hook yet). Even though the flat iron makes your hair to-die-for straight and shiny... it won't look like that forever. Use it sparingly and use a deep conditioning treatment as often as possible, ideally every other week. And make sure to cut your ends regularly, about 1/2 inch every 10-12 weeks.

Mind of Its Own

You CAN Control Me

Customers with ethnic hair and flat, lifeless hair are some of the most frustrated and desperate people that often take the time to write us!

Let's start with a few tips for ethnic hair (these apply to the countless pleas for help we get from customers with biracial kids).

- Check out all of the suggestions in our Curly hair section. Chances are they will all apply..

- Make sure to always brush from the bottom, up, one section at a time. Work through the knots in the lowest couple inches of the hair, and then move up a couple inches higher.

- Use a firm stroke, brushing each section against the side of the palm of your hand.

- Keep lots of detangler on hand and on days you have not wet or washed the hair, just refresh with the detangler and your fingers.

- Ethnic hair is typically strong, but it can also snap easily from too much stress. This is one of the major reasons The Knot Genie works so well, as it gently untangles knots. Make sure you go easy on other things that stress the hair... go easy on the glued-in extensions, tight braids and cornrows, and hard, gel hairstyles. Alternating between wearing the hair loose and braiding it on a weekly basis is a good rule of thumb.

- Loose braids are a great option, especially if you are trying to grow the hair out. The braid keeps the hair controlled, without the need for heat and chemicals.

OK, now for our other big "mind of its own" audience. The flat, lifeless hair types.

- First, your hair might be flat and lifeless, but we KNOW everything else about you is anything but!!! (ok, just needed to say that).

- Flat, thin hair is also very delicate and prone to breakage, so The Knot Genie is ideal for you as it is very gentle on the hair.

- When you get your next cut, try some short, choppy layers in it. That will give some extra "poof" to the top of your head.

- Forget everything you heard from us about leaving in conditioner. You don't need anything that could potentially weigh your hair down. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner and then a volumizing spray for blowdrying. Volumizing is your magic word.

- Try drying your hair upside down and then spraying with some hairspray. You'll love the volume. And you might even get to skip your blush that day ;-)


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