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My First Months Woombie (5-10 pds)

My First Months Woombie (5-10 pds)
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My First Months Woombie (5-10 pds)My First Months Woombie (5-10 pds)
Item# my-first-months-woombie
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Product Description

The My First Months Woombie is the perfect size for those new babies! Sized at 5-10 pds, the My First Months Woombie is great for your baby or as a gift.

What makes the Woombie Great:


• Prevents loose blankets in crib

• Does not restrict hip movement

• Maintains airflow with a breathable fabric

• Unlike a blanket, will not unravel potentially covering airways


• Soothes baby by re-creating the womb setting

• Swaddles baby easily & effectively

• Prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex

• Prevents face scratching by cocooning the hands& arms

• Tapered waist applies gentle pressure to gassy tummies


• Soft cotton fabric gently hugs baby

• Lightweight & breathable, great for all seasons

• Soft compression recreates the feeling of touch, increasing baby’s security


• Simple to use, just place baby inside & zip it up!

• Eases the transition from womb to world

• Two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze

• Easy cleaning & care

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