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Laminated Beach Bag

Laminated Beach Bag
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Laminated Beach BagLaminated Beach Bag
Item# talley-ho-designs-laminated-beach-bag
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Product Description

First the amazing and trendy Laminated Keyhole Diaper Tote/Bag made a comeback and now the just as amazing super roomy Laminated Beach Bag is back!

The laminated beach bag from Talley Ho Designs is available in either the medium (17" w x 16" h x 7" d) or the large (19" w x 17" h x 9 3/4" d). Either laminated beach bag will be roomy enough for all your gear!

As with the Laminated Keyhole Diaper Tote, your laminated beach bag is designed by you for you to fit your personal tastes.

Choose a base color as well as a trim/monogram color to suit your taste, beach equipment or anything else you would like to match up to.


A traditional monogram is as shown in the picture above, First Name initial to the LEFT, Last Name initial CENTER and LARGER, Middle Name Initial to the RIGHT.

A two-letter monogram is comprised of two center initials side by side: ex. Mary Jones is M J when appliqued.

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