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Jumbo Swirly Hook

Jumbo Swirly Hook
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Jumbo Swirly Hook
Item# think-king-jumbo-swirly-hook
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Product Description

Just like its' sister product the Think King Mighty Buggy Hook, the Jumbo Swirly Hook is an equally innovative product.

-The Jumbo Swirly Hook is the ideal hook for your horizontal stroller handle bar

-The Think King Jumbo Swirly Hook is able to hold multiple bags

-Each Jumbo Swirly Hook is easy to attach with a velcro strap that stays put and will not slide around

-The Think King Jumbo Swirly Hook is extra wide allowing for for wide bag handles

-This clipless hook makes it easy to slip items on/off with one hand

-The Jumbo Swirly Hook is made of strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won't break

-This short hook holds bags close to stroller

-The Jumbo Swirly Hook from Think King has a unique spiral shape designed for ease of use and security


Hook opening: 0.875" (222 mm)

Hook size: 3.5w X 2.25"h (89 x 57mm)

Strap length: 8" (203 mm)

Maximum diameter of bar that strap can wrap around: 2" (50 mm) round

REMINDER: Always remove bags from hook before lifting child from the stroller. Do not overload hook as this may cause stroller to tip.

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